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Library card

Halmstad University Library is open to anyone who wants to use its collections. In order to borrow books and make reservations you need to register in our library system. Anyone who has turned 18 years of age and has a valid Swedish ID can apply for a library account.

Staff and students that have collected a university access card will be registered in our system automatically the next day. Public users need to fill in the application form below and activate the account by showing valid ID at the library reception desk.

Are you staff or student at Halmstad University?

If you have collected an access card, you do not need to fill out an application!

If you have a user account at Halmstad University and collect an access card, you will be automatically registered in our library system the next day.

Are you a distance student?

As a distance student at Halmstad university, you have the opportunity to have books and articles sent to your home address if you live outside Halmstad. For this you need a special library card. Read more about how it works and apply for a library card.

If you are not staff or student at Halmstad University

Please apply for a library card through this form:

You can find information about the services we offer to the public on Service to the general public