Search and find

Through the library you can access a lot of databases and search tools. Below we have listed some of the most common search tools that you can use to find for example books, journals, articles and databases. Library staff will help if you want to know more.

Databases and search tools


OneSearch is the library search tool. In OneSearch you can search for books, articels and other publications that the library gives you access to, both what is on the shelves and what is available in electronic form, digital resources. You can se where printed books are located and you can get access to e-books, articles, reports and journals.

OneSearch is good to to use when you know which book or articel you want, want to do a quick search to get an overview, or when you have an interdisciplinary topic.


Databases are often focused on individual subject areas and are therefore well suited when you need to conduct a more thorough systematic search on a topic. A large part of the content is scientific journal articels, but you can also find other types of material.

You can find tips about suitable databases in your subject in the library´s guides.


Articles, dissertations, theses and degree projects from Halmstad University can be found in the publication database DiVA.

Do you need search help?

If you have questions about searching for resources, you can

  • use the library guide “Searching for academic information” (basic information on search techniques that work in all databases).
  • use the library's guide on how to search in OneSearch.
  • go to the library's information desk (in the library or online via Zoom).

If you need help searching for information for your thesis or degree project, you can book a consultation with a librarian (duration about 45 minutes). As a student at Halmstad University you are welcome to book an appointment.

If you are a researcher and want help with conducting a scientific search, you can find information about the library's search support for researchers.



When you search for books, you primarily use OneSearch, where you can find all the books the library has (both printed and e-books). If you don't find what you are looking for, you can search in Libris, which is the joint catalog of the Swedish libraries. Anthologies, reports, dissertations and dictionaries are also counted as books.


You will find our e-books in OneSearch. Number of simultaneous users, whether the book is downloadable or can only be read online may differ depending on the publisher.


Journals contain articles. The library subscribes to a number of printed journals, but most of the ones we provide access to are e-journals.


You search for articles in journals either in OneSearch or in a database. If you have information about a certain article you need, OneSearch is the best choice. If you are looking for articles on a certain subject and need to perform an advanced search, a suitable subject database is a better choice.

The Halland collection

On floor 2 there is the Hallands room, which contains the Hallands collection. It consists of over 6,000 titles that you can find in OneSearch, Link to the Halland collection (Swedish info)