The 5th Nordic Research Seminar on Equine-assisted Interventions 2024

The Swedish organization of Equine-assisted interventions (OHI) and Halmstad University welcomes you to the 5th Nordic seminar on Equine-assisted interventions 2024. The seminar is held in the form of a two-day conference embracing Equine-assisted interventions to support health, learning, and activity irrespective of physical or mental disability.

Two horses and a woman walking. Photo.


We welcome contributions from research and practice development that present, deepen, or problematize knowledge-based aspects related to Equine-assisted interventions. The abstract should be written in English. For accepted abstracts, publication opportunities will be offered in a conference report.

Abstract of at least 250 and no more than 500 words should be sent as a word file no later than 31 May!

Send the abstracts to

Peer-review of the abstract will be carried out by an interdisciplinary scientific committee representing the OHI research group.

  • Petra Andersson, Lecturer in philosophy, University of Gothenburg, Chairperson OHI
  • Margareta Ekberg, PhD in pedagogy
  • Sara Holmberg, Associate professor in general medicine, R&D Region Kronoberg
  • Margareta Håkanson, Med lic. physiotherapy
  • Henrika Jormfeldt, Mental health nurse, Professor in nursing, Halmstad University
  • Anna Lundberg, Lecturer in ethology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Programme day 1

09:30–10.00 Registration

10.00–10.15 Introduction – Henrika Jormfeldt, Anna-Maria Palsdottir and Elisabeth Argentzell

10.15–10.50 Keynote Speaker – Henrika Jormfeldt, Professor of Nursing

How to make holistic Equine-assisted services fit in a specialised health care and support system – barriers and benefits.

11.00–12.15 Peer reviewed oral presentation

12.15–13.30 Lunch and poster presentation

13.30–14.00 Keynote Speaker – Tobba Therkildsen Sudmann

Norwegian perspective – social exclusion, substance abuse and dementia

14.00–15.00 Peer reviewed oral presentation

15.00–15.30 Coffee break and poster presentation

15.30–16.15 Peer reviewed oral presentation

16.15–17.00 Keynote Speaker – Nina Ekholm Fry

Trauma informed Equine assisted services – a Finnish and American perspective

19.00 Dinner with entertainment at Halmstad Plaza

Programme day 2

09.15–10.00 Equine assisted interventions during 30 years-milestones reached and challenges to come

10.00–10.30 Coffee Break and poster presentation

10.30–11.30 Panel dialogue

Panel dialogue led by The Swedish Horse Industry Foundation (HNS) with representatives of politics, OHI, researchers and practitioners in the field regarding what needs to be done to make Equine-assisted interventions available to those who need it. The panel dialogue will be held in Swedish, while the dialogue with the panel will be summarized and translated into English.

11.30–12.00 Closure and information about upcoming conference/seminar regarding Nature based health at SLU Alnarp 2025

12.00–13.20 Lunch poster presentation

13.20–15.00 Workshops in smaller groups based on, geographical or activity-specific focus

15.00–15.10 Take away fika

Keynote speakers

Henrika Jormfeldt

Kvinna och häst som tittar på varandra. Foto.

Henrika Jormfeldt, licensed specialist nurse specializing in psychiatry and mental health, Professor of Nursing at the Halmstad University and certified by OHI (the Organization of Equine-assisted Intervention) to perform horse-assisted interventions. Henrika is a member of the HETI executive committee (The Federation of Horses in education and Therapy International) and has over 50 years of experience with horses. Her recent research is about equine assisted interventions for people with mental health condition through lifespan and she runs equine-assisted therapy on a small scale at “Braddared's horse” with three horses involved that are all her own breeding’s.

Tobba Sudmann

Kvinna i snölandskap. Foto

Tobba Sudmann, full Professor of Public Health, physiotherapist and medical sociologist, and academic head of the PhD-program Health, functioning and participation at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. She has her own adjunct practice where she offers equine-facilitated physiotherapy. Her research focus on how people use their bodily resources to enhance their well-being and social participation, whether the means are in- or outdoor physical activity, technology, nature, or horses. Professor Sudmann is currently studying physical activities for persons with dementia, crisis shelters for persons with substance dependency, horses in mental health work (including substance use), and green social work with horses.

Nina Ekholm Fry

Kvinna vid bord. Foto

Nina Ekholm Fry is the Director of Equine Programs at University of Denver’s Institute for Human-Animal Connection in Denver in Colorado (USA) and a faculty member in the Graduate School of Social Work and the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. She is the coordinator of the Human-Animal-Environment Interactions in Social Work specialization within the Master of Social Work program and leads the Post-Master’s Equine-Assisted Mental Health Practitioner Certificate program. For the past 15 years, her work has included animals in human services with a focus on equine interactions in psychotherapy and counseling. Nina serves as an advisor to the State of Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Addiction Services on matters related to mental health services in green environments. She has a background as a psychologist specializing in trauma treatment and as an equine behavior consultant. Nina has a particular interest in applied ethics and social justice perspectives within human-animal interactions and is actively engaged in national and international organizations for both human and equine wellbeing.


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