Teaching and Learning Prize

The Research and Education Board (FUN) announces an educational prize to the teacher who has been particularly successful in developing students' learning.

Man holding flowers, a diploma and a glass apple, looking into the camera and smiling. Photo.

Mattias Rundberg, winner of the Teaching and Learning Prize in 2019.

Previous winners

2019: Mattias Rundberg

2018: Åsa Krusebrant

2017: Eva Strandell

2016: Walid Taha

2015: Veronica Brock

2014: Sara Högdin

2013: Ove Svensson

2012: Gunnar Weber

2011: Verónica Gaspes

2009: Boel Larsson

2007: Bertil Gustafsson


Staff and students can nominate one or more candidates. The nomination should contain which of the three criteria the nomination is based on and a motivation.

A task force consisting of qualified / excellent teachers has the task of drawing up proposals for prize winners. The working group also includes an external person, knowledgeable in teaching and learning in higher education. FUN's chair appoints winners of educational prizes according to the working group's preparation.

Announcement of the winner of the Teaching and Learning Prize takes place at the appropriate time. The winner is also acknowledged in connection with the University's academic ceremony.

The prize consists of participation in any European university education conference.

In order to spread experiences and ideas about university education, the prize winner will be asked to hold a lecture at the University Conference on teaching and learning in higher education.






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