Increased cardiovascular health through AI-assisted analysis of care processes

The main purpose of this project is to increase the understanding of the care process and disease development as well as the treatment of patients with diagnosed atherosclerosis (arteriosclerosis) and related cardiovascular events.

The project is carried out under the research profile CAISR Health with Halmstad University, Novartis Sweden and Region Halland. CAISR Health is a research profile within information-driven care at Halmstad University, where research on the development of AI tools meets research on how these tools can be implemented in health care. The overall scientific aim of this project is to use AI-based analysis to create new knowledge about the care process, disease development, treatment and resource utilization for the current cohort (high-risk patients with atherosclerosis). Such new knowledge could include which care flows and care processes are more appropriate in specific situations and could, by extension, lead to the use of decision support systems for optimizing care quality and resource utilization. Furthermore, the scientific aim is to understand how AI-based tools and systems can be developed so that they can be interpreted and applied by clinicians.

About the project

Project period

  • January 2022–December 2024

Project manager

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  • The Knowledge Foundation

Collaboration partners

  • Region Halland
  • Novartis AB