Technology Area Digital Service Innovation

At Halmstad University, we profile Informatics towards Digital Service Innovation (DSI). This implies a focus on how value is created for users, organisations and societies through combining, re-combining and integrating resources into digital services.

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Digital service innovation is an area based on research in informatics, service sciences and innovation sciences.

Application areas

Empirically Informatics research at Halmstad University focus on DSI in different application areas in companies, public sector and for individuals. Healthcare studies aims develop an understanding of digitalization of hospitals and healthcare to empower health professionals in their work. This is done by studying the use and meaning of health technologies, and developing innovative solutions to health-related challenges for individuals, groups, organisations, companies and society at large.

In the transport sector, we study how for exampel embedded sensors in buses and intelligent systems create new opportunities for digital service innovation. A growing strand of research focuses on users’ appropriation of autonomous driving (AD) cars and digital service design for future mobility solutions.

The media application area has been the main focus for Informatics at Halmstad University for long. In collaboration with the Swedish and international media industry research has centered on exploring new IT concepts and services enabling new forms of value creation and value capture.

Research on public sector DSI focus on how digitisation in the form of civic services transforms the relationship between citizens and government, and what innovation means for the services purchased by public authorities.

We often use qualitative research methods such as qualitative interviews, focus group and workshop methods, participant observation, and design ethnography.


Technology Area Digital Service Innovation runs a blog: Digital Service Innovation blog External link.


Research is channelled into education on Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. Informatics has two Bachelor programmes, one international Master programme and Doctoral education in Informatics:


Staff at the School of Information Technology who are linked to the Technology Area Digital Service Innovation:

Magnus Bergquist

Professor and Technology Area Leader

Esbjörn Ebbesson


Vaike Fors

Senior Lecturer

Ahmad Ghazawneh

Senior Lecturer

Dimitrios Gkouskos External link.

Associate Senior Lecturer

Dulce Goncalves

Industrial PhD student at Combitech

Jesper Hakeröd


Lena Hylving

Associate Senior Lecturer

Lars-Olof Johansson


Susanne Lindberg

Associate Senior Lecturer

Thomas Lindgren

Industrial PhD student at Volvo Cars

Mats Lindqvist


Jesper Lund

Senior Lecturer

Kaspar Raats

Industrial PhD student at Volvo Cars

Christer Rehnström


Michel Thomsen

Senior Lecturer

Torben Svane

Senior Lecturer

Oliver Weberg

Teaching assistant

Pontus Wärnestål

Senior Lecturer

Ewa Zimmerman


Maria Åkesson

Senior Lecturer