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BIG FUN (Big Data-Powered End User Function Development)

The BIG FUN project aims to understand how to apply quantitative analytic methods to identify moments of interest in real-world vehicle journeys.


The combination of these findings with advanced qualitative analytic methods will generate actionable insights such as a deeper understanding of challenges and opportunities for improving truck function, feature and service design to better suit commercial mobility needs.

Expected results of BIG FUN are to:

1. Identify potential moments of significance in vehicle journeys by training algorithms on rules that combine existing expert domain knowledge and previous relevant research.

2. Perform UX research on how to design a service that enables human experts to use the algorithm-generated moments of significance to support qualitative research that generates design knowledge for the improvement of commercial mobility.

3. Create a demonstrator that showcases the use of AI-powered UX insights in context.

About the project

Project period:

  • June 1 2022 to May 31 2024


  • Vinnova

Involved partner:

  • Volvo Trucks

Project team