To see what we don’t see: Analysis of teaching and practical teaching skills with students and student teaching supervisors in preschools

The action research project is conducted by researchers from the academy and preschool teachers with the task of leading seminars with preschool teacher students about teaching at our partner preschools. The overall aim of the project is to strengthen the conditions for professional growth for students, preschool teachers and teacher educators.

The students' conditions for becoming participants of professional learning communities and developing a professional identity are expected to improve. The overarching question of the project is what is made visible in students’ teaching and in seminars about teaching when analysis of teaching in preschool is conducted with the help of a pedagogical analysis tool.

The project is expected to develop preschool teachers’ and students’ ability to analyse teaching. Furthermore, it is expected to generate knowledge about what conditions are required for collegial teaching development in preschool and student teachers’ development of a professional identity. The intention is that the findings can also be used in preschool teachers’ professional learning. The knowledge generated in preschool practice can also be transferred to primary school and primary teacher training.

About the project

Project period

  • 2023-01-01–2024-12-31

Project manager

Other participating researchers

Collaboration partners

  • Halmstad municipality
  • Helsingborg city
  • Ängelholms municipality
  • Gothenburg University


  • Halmstad University
  • Halmstad municipality
  • Helsingborg city
  • Ängelholms municipality