University Governing Board

The University Governing Board has the ultimate responsibility for University matters.

The chairman and seven regular members are appointed by the Government. Faculty staff appoint three representatives, trade unions appoint two representatives with the student union supplying three representatives. The Vice-Chancellor is also a member of the board.

Collage of 12 portraits of men and women looking into the camera and smiling.

Members of the University Governing Board at Halmstad University, from top left: Harald Castler, Chair, Stephen Hwang, Vice-Chancellor, Erik Blomberg, Staffan Edén, Jesper Falkheimer, Aida Hadzialic, Monica Karlsson, Amelie von Zweigbergk, Svante Andersson, Kalle Jonasson, Maria Åkesson, Johanna Sjögren Eliasson, Student Union Chair. Pia Enochsson, William Sundén and Lovisa Zakari are not in the picture. Picture: Dan Bergmark

Board members

  • Harald Castler, Chair
  • Stephen Hwang, Vice-Chancellor
  • Erik Blomberg
  • Staffan Edén
  • Pia Enochsson
  • Jesper Falkheimer
  • Aida Hadzialic
  • Monica Karlsson, Vice Chair
  • Amelie von Zweigbergk

Faculty representatives

  • Svante Andersson
  • Kalle Jonasson
  • Maria Åkesson

Union representatives

  • Olov Andreasson, Saco-S
  • Camilla Soto, TCO/OFR

Student Union representatives

  • William Sundén
  • Lovisa Zakari
  • Johanna Sjögren Eliasson, Student Union Chair

Board Secretary

  • Ann Landén


  • Anders Nelson, Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor
  • Catarina Coquand, University Director
  • Selma Sedelius, Head of Communications