University Governing Board

The University Governing Board has the ultimate responsibility for all matters at the University and is accountable to the government that its tasks are fulfilled.

All members of the board must be without any political affiliations and exclusively represent the University. The chairman and seven of the regular members are appointed by the government. Faculty staff appoint three members by election and the student union appoints three members. The Vice-Chancellor is also a member of the board. The trade unions have the right to attend meetings and share their opinions.

Board members

  • Harald Castler, Chair
  • Susanna Öhman, Vice-Chancellor
  • Erik Blomberg
  • Pauline Broholm Lindberg
  • Christina von Dorrien
  • Staffan Edén
  • Pia Enochsson
  • Gunilla Nordlöf
  • Stefan Östholm

Representatives elected by the faculty/teachers

  • Vaike Fors
  • Alina Franck
  • Kalle Jonasson

Representatives elected by the Student Union

  • Linnea Håkansson, Student Union Chair
  • Felicia Jakobsson
  • Jacob Nilsson

Union representatives

  • Navid Ghannad, Saco-S
  • Camilla Soto, TCO/OFR

Board Secretary

  • Ann Landén


  • Malin Hallén, Pro Vice-Chancellor
  • Catarina Coquand, University Director
  • Selma Sedelius, Head of Communications