M4HP – Movement for Health and Performance

The goal of the research programme Movement for Health and Performance is to contribute to innovative and sustainable solutions to health-related societal challenges and the pursuit of more people living a physically active life. The program is part of the University’s focus area Health Innovation.

The researchers within the programme study sustainable participation in different types of physical activity, from the level of low daily activity to elite sports, and from different scientific perspectives. The programme contributes to new sustainable methods, strategies and innovations for improved health and well-being in people of different ages and with different conditions to be physically active.

The programme is based on several established subject areas at Halmstad University. It includes research on creating a balance between performance and health in sports, creating healthy habits and lifestyle changes in individuals who are sedentary, inactive or ill, as well as assessment tools for rehabilitation programmes.

M4HP’s upcoming activities

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Seminar: Active Play! Fun Inclusive Physical Activities for Young Children (in swedish)