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A collage of four different buildings from left to right, where the color gradually shifts from black and white to color. Photo.

Halmstad University 40 years old

In 2023 Halmstad University celebrated 40 years as an independent university. The anniversary took place during all of 2023 and highlighted what has made Halmstad University the creative and innovative university that we are today.

Custom fanfare, ceremony and chronicles

The University's unique fanfare

During the Academic Ceremony on 17 November, 2023, the University’s very own fanfare was performed for the first time. It is composed specifically for the University by the composer Jakob Norin in celebration of the 40th anniversary. The fanfare is based on the University’s initials, HH. The note B (H in Swedish) is repeated twice as a signal. This signal is played three times in the fanfare. Following each signal, there are three different responses, one for each keyword in the University's vision: adds value, drives innovation, and develops society. The theme, i.e., the melody itself, consists of exactly 40 notes – one note for each year the University has existed.

Academic Ceremony 2023

Inauguration of the Vice-Chancellor, inauguration of new professors and the conferment of new doctors. Read the article from the Academic Ceremony that took place on 17 November, 2023.

This year’s academic achievements were celebrated during festive ceremony

Anniversary chronicles

Throughout the year, several individuals at the University have written chronicles with the theme "...write about your academy/your research area in today's situation and its future potential...". Read the chronicles that cover everything from research areas to the future of the University.

Anniversary chronicles

Innovation, past, present and in the future

Innovation and value for a sustainable society

As part of a series of jubilee chronicles, Focus Area Leader Kristian Widén writes about the University's work with smart cities and communities. Society faces a number of challenges in order to secure a good life for future generations. Radical changes are needed – and it is becoming urgent. The challenges also differ from one part of the world to another. It is around these issues that the University’s focus area Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) takes its starting point. Together we have an opportunity to do good for future generations. “Together we have an opportunity to do good for future generations." writes Professor Kristian Widén in his chronicle.

Chronicle: Focus area Smart Cities and Communities creates innovation and value for a sustainable society

Happy birthday, Student Union!

Halmstad Student Union is also celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. Congratulations from the University! "We are celebrating throughout the entire year 23/24, including a jubilee gala. It feels fantastic to turn 40! We are proud to have such a well-organised student union with a long history, and we are definitely not having a mid-life crisis," says President Linnea Håkansson. Keep an eye on the Student Union's channels for more information about what's happening during the year.

Halmstad Student Union webpage

Innovation Conference: 40 years – past, present, future, alumni

On September 20, the annual innovation conference was held at the University. This year's theme was 40 years – past, present, future, alumni. We looked back on what has made Halmstad University the creative and innovative institution it is today, and we especially acknowledged our alumni. For example, this year's Alumna of the Year, Anagha Anand, and the University's Honorary Doctor in Information Technology, Nicolas Hassbjer were there.

See the programme, register and read more about the conference

Happy birthday, Halmstad University!

It's our birthday!

On July 1, the University turned 40 years old! In May, we celebrated with a staff day and a big party. At the party for all employees, the band Family 40 played – a band that was formed specifically for the anniversary and consisted of employees from the University. During the staff day, three former Vice-Chancellors attended as well as our current Vice-Chancellor. ”Development means something positive. It will be a clearer academic environment with higher ambitions. This is something that I hope the employees enjoy. It creates a sense of pride in the University,” said Stephen Hwang, Vice-Chancellor between the years 2017 and 2023.

“Halmstad University should be a jewel”

This year Halmstad University celebrates its 40th anniversary! And it was today, July 1, 1983, that we were granted the status of an independent university. In a series of chronicles, you will follow Halmstad University’s 40-year research journey, from no research to research for innovation. The first to do an exposé is Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, Professor of Computer Science and Deputy Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for research and postgraduate education.

Chronicle: “Halmstad University should be a jewel”

Visit from the King and Queen

As part of the celebration of HM The King's 50th anniversary on the throne, the King and Queen visit Sweden’s 21 counties in 2023. On August 24 the King and Queen visited Halmstad and the first visit of the day was Halmstad University.

Royal visit with students in focus

Welcome to Halmstad University

Portrait of woman smiling and looking into camera. Photo.

New Vice-Chancellor Susanna Öhman

For the first time, after 40 years as an independent university, Halmstad University has a woman as a Vice-Chancellor. Susanna Öhman took office on March 20 2023, when she took over after Stephen Hwang. During most of her academic career, Susanna Öhman has worked at Mid Sweden University, but she has also been Dean of the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at Halmstad University.

See the video and read the article about Susanna
Two smiling young women looking into the camera. Photo.

Utexpo – a fair for innovations

The graduation fair Utexpo was founded 40 years ago and is one of the University’s earliest traditions. It is a platform for graduating students to manifest their innovativeness and demonstrate what they have learnt – a take-off for new ideas for a sustainable future. That is when hundreds of eager students exhibit their graduation projects for other students, their clients, businesses, the public – and the Halmstad University staff. Scholarships worth hundreds of thousands Swedish crowns are awarded to the most distinguished graduation projects here. Utexpo is a wonderful tradition that is recurring every year. This year on May 31–June 1, 2023. Welcome!

Två personer där man ser den ena framifrån tittar på varandra och ler. De bär kläder och andra profilprodukter där det står ”Högskolan 83 Halmstad”. Foto.

University merchandise for the anniversary

For the anniversary year, we have new University merchandise, some with an anniversary theme, for example tote bags, hoodies, sweets and student patches. There will be more products available during the year. For example hats, caps, beach towels and sweaters. You purchase all University merchandise in Service Center.

Service Center's opening hours

40 years of innovation and creativity

Celebrating 40 successful years

On January 16 former Vice-Chancellor Stephen Hwang tributed the University’s success during his opening speech when he inaugurated the University’s 40th anniversary: ”As Vice-Chancellor, I am impressed, proud and happy about what Halmstad University has achieved in its 40 years. We have educated students who have contributed to knowledge and growth in society. Our research generates fantastic knowledge that makes an impression on both society and the world of research. What in 1983 was a small regional university is today a broad university with 12,000 students and important research at the forefront. We have employees and students from all over the world. Right from the start, Halmstad University has added value, driven innovation and contributed to development for both people and society at large. We will continue on that path. We celebrate our 40 years with pride!”

Gold shimmer at Halmstad University’s 40th anniversary
Svartvit närbild på en byggnad med två entrédörrar. Högskolans gamla logotyp sitter på ett fönster i mitten. Foto. 

How it started

In 1970, the N committee was formed to prepare a university in Halmstad. In 1975, the Riksdag decided that Halmstad would become a university town and in 1977 the first education started. During the first years, after school teachers, pre-school teachers and innovation engineers were trained at the University. There were also courses in sports pedagogy. In 1983, Halmstad University became an independent university. Since then, a lot has happened, and the University has grown into a broad institution with popular educations and exciting, socially relevant research. Read more about what has shaped the University and how it has developed up until today.

The University history
An elderly man in a blue jacket is seen on the left in profile talking to a person on the right of whom you can only see a glimpse. Photo.

Settler spirit and community engagement

Halmstad University’s first Vice-Chancellor, SvenOve Johansson, recalls the University’s initial period as creative and exciting. “We really had to build from scratch. There was a very creative settler spirit going on. Many interested, driven and talented individuals were gathered and had the same ambition. The group of students were also a bit different. Their engagement was fantastic!”

First Vice-Chancellor looks back to 1983

Anniversary film

A special film has been produced to paint a picture of Halmstad University – a creative and innovative University. The film is created by Ida Fridvall, Albin Edin and Mia Lindh from the Communications Department at Halmstad University.

Happened during the year 2023

Shown here are events that were related to the University’s 40th anniversary. Some events were open for everyone and some are for invited guests only. You will find other events at the University (including anniversary events) in our regular calendar.

  • January
  • January 16 at 10:0011:00

    Start of anniversary year

    A hexagonal symbol that reads ”40 years, 1983–2023, Halmstad University” with blue text. Graphics.

    Today is the start of the celebration of the University’s 40th anniversary, and we are kicking off with a speech from Vice-Chancellor, Stephen Hwang, delicious cake, an insight to what happens during the year and a sneak peek of some new and exciting merchandise.