Research environments

The University’s research is organised in research environments with close connection to the University’s four Schools. Within each research environment, the researchers assemble around joint research themes.

Center for Research on Welfare, Health and Sport (CVHI)

CVHI is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research environment at the School of Health and Welfare at Halmstad University. The research’s initial point of focus is people’s needs and societal challenges within the areas of health, lifestyle and welfare. The research is conducted in close collaboration with relevant target groups and partners within organisations, the public sector and the industry.

Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Learning Research (CIEL)

CIEL's main purpose is to develop research, knowledge and expertise within innovation, business enterprise and regional learning from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Research into small and medium-sized companies' business activities focuses on innovation and product development work, strategy and management, business enterprise, marketing, financing and internationalisation. Within regional development, research is carried out into organisation, management, learning and equal opportunities in regional developmental initiatives.

Centre for Learning, Culture and Society (CLKS)

At CLKS, research is conducted within educational science, culture, languages and social sciences. Educational science is the main area of the research, which contributes to the understanding of the development of society in relation to different societal challenges such as digitalisation, integration, globalisation and marketisation.

Embedded and Intelligent Systems (EIS)

The School Information Technology conducts research within the research environment Embedded and Intelligent Systems (EIS). The aim is to provide solutions to society's challenges within the University's profile areas Smart Cities and Communities and Health Innovation.

Rydberg Laboratory for Applied Sciences (RLAS)

The Rydberg Laboratory for Applied Sciences (RLAS) has several strong research areas within energy, bio and material systems with “sustainable sciences” – sustainability – as a common and unifying theme.