About ITE’s research

At the School of Information Technology (ITE), research is conducted within aware intelligent systems, smart electronic systems, cyber physical systems and digital service innovation. These four areas constitute the four technology areas of ITE.

The school's researchers are part of the following research programmes

LeaDS – Learning in a Digitalised Society

IDC – Information Driven Care

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Research in collaboration

Through our joint competences we can be an attractive partner and deal with projects where the whole range is treated, from enabling technologies – like low-power technologies and semiconductor sensors – to value-adding IT use, considering user aspects. In between, system and application aspects are treated, that is intelligent algorithms, application-specific computer architectures and efficient interconnection technologies.

Our strategy is to focus on a limited number of application areas in which we get recognised by industry and society as a key player and natural cooperation partner. Currently, the selected application areas are: health technology, traffic and transport systems, process industry, high-performance signal processing applications, experience industry, together with the (non-application) area of ground breaking electronics.

  • ITE shall be an internationally recognised research environment with advanced and postgraduate education.
  • ITE shall be characterised by well-developed research collaborations with the business sector and the public sector.
  • ITE should be a leading environment within embedded and intelligent systems in Europe.