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The School of Health and Welfare’s research projects within the focus area Health Innovation

Health innovation at Halmstad University is an interdisciplinary education and research focus area that meets health challenges through cross-disciplinary and value-creating research and education in collaboration with societal actors.The goal is to contribute with innovative and sustainable solutions for societal challenges within the healthcare area.

Today there are two fields of study within the focus area:

  • Personalized Proactive Care
  • Movement4Health

Within the research projects aimed at Personalized Proactive Care, the researchers at the School of Health and Welfare investigate and develop information driven healthcare solutions, for example management information systems in clinical practice. In the research projects within the field Movement4Health, the researchers are investigating how one can work to promote good environments as well as sustainable and healthy behaviours and habits. This is meant to contribute to increased physical activity, health and well-being for people with different backgrounds.