Approved leave and non-completion (Doctoral Education)

Approved leave is meant to be for a limited time with the intention that the student returns to his/her doctoral studies. Non-completion is a termination of the doctoral studies, where the doctoral student must apply for admission again if the student wishes to resume the studies.

Approved leave

If there are special grounds, the University can allow admitted doctoral students to continue their studies after an approved leave of absence. Approved leave is determined as an interruption of studies which the student has reported to the University. The leave must be set for a fixed period of time. Special grounds which allow you to continue your studies after leave can be social, medical or other mitigating circumstances such as caring for children or student union assignments.

The University's doctoral education committee makes the final decision regarding the leave.

Upon resuming the studies, the doctoral student must update the individual study plan, along with his/her supervisor and director of studies and send it to the Committee for Doctoral Education.

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Students are permitted to report that they have stopped studying and can request to be unregistered from the doctoral education.

In order to resume studies after having notified non-completion, the doctoral student must reapply for doctoral education and be readmitted.

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