Individual study plan and follow-up

Each doctoral student must have an individual study plan. The individual study plan is a very important document and contains both the doctoral student’s and the University’s commitments.

The study plan contains, among other things, both a time plan and a presentation of milestones that have been achieved during the doctoral education and its connection to learning outcomes. All doctoral students in Halmstad University's doctoral education must use the template used by the entire University:

Individual study plan at Halmstad University Word, 83.1 kB, opens in new window.

To help you, there is a guide for an individual study plan with a description of the process and the division of responsibilities, a checklist for the development and follow-up of an individual study plan and suggestions for questions to ask when following up the individual study plan.

Guidelines for individual study plan Pdf, 643.4 kB, opens in new window.

Annual update of the study plan

The first individual study plan must be finished no more than three months after the doctoral student has been admitted, and it is the principal supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that this is carried out. After this, the individual study plan is to be updated at least once a year. If necessary, the study plan can be followed up with shorter intervals. The study plan must also be updated prior to application for the licentiate seminar or for the public defence of doctoral thesis. The Committee for Doctoral Education handles all individual study plans and is the body that approves them.

How the University implements follow-ups

All doctoral education areas at the University have a director of studies that is responsible for monitoring each doctoral student’s study environment and academic performance.

The director of studies is responsible for ensuring that follow-up meetings regarding the doctoral student are carried out each year. These meetings should be attended by the director of studies, the principal supervisor, at least one second supervisor and the doctoral student.