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Staff at Halmstad University

Pererik Andreasson
Senior Lecturer

Open Access1

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Research interests: Computational methods for electromagnetic interference (EMC). Dynamical processes on an atomic level in dielectric materials. X-ray spectroscopy, (XANES/EXAFS). Time resolved UV/VIS/IR spectroscopy.


Introduction to Engineering Education 2.5 weeks, TE0005
Engineering Mathematics 7.5 credits, MA8017
Scientic Computing 7.5 credits, MA8020

Physics 1: Mechanics and Waves 7.5 credits, FY4006

Degree Project in Computer Science and Engineering 15 credits, DT6013
Degree Project in Electrical Engineering 15 credits, ET6007
Degree Project in Mechatronics 15 credits, MK6008
Thesis in Computer Science and Engineering 15 credits, DT6012
Thesis in Electronics 15 credits, EL8008

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