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Kursen ger en allmän kunskap på hög nivå om AI, maskininlärning och datavetenskap till chefer och ledare. Kursen ingår i kurspaketet DIGIBUS (hh.se/digibus) där du som deltagare kan läsa hela kurspaketet eller enstaka kurser. Kursen är för yrkesverksamma och ges på distans på engelska. Anmälan är öppen så länge det finns möjlighet att bli antagen.

In English: The course is included in the course package DIGIBUS (hh.se/digibus) where participants can take the entire course package or individual courses. The course is for professionals and is held online in English. Application is open as long as there is a possibility of admission. The courses qualify for credits and are free of charge for participants who are citizens of any EU or EEA country, or Switzerland, or are permanent residents in Sweden. More information can be found at antagning.se.

About the course AI for executives
This course is designed to provide general high-level knowledge in a motivational format on AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science to executives and top-level managers. The participants will learn how AI can be a game-changer for them in this crisis. They will also learn the primary steps to move forward from a traditional company to an AI-based company.

In this course the content of a more technical course in AI is reformulated into a slightly less technical vocabulary and closely coupled to business applications and examples. The course is developed for professionals. It is held online in English.

HT 2023 (Distans (Internet), Ortsoberoende, 25%)


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